Thursday, April 7, 2011

Santa Anna arrives on the Brazos

With 200 Infantry and 80 cavalry, Santa Anna makes a dash for San Felipe on the Brazos. The town sits mostly on the Western side of the river. When Santa Anna arrives at the center of the Old 300, the spiritual home of the Anglo settlers, it has been burned to the ground. Nobody knows who has burned it. Either the Mexican scouts or the retreating Texicans. A company of rebels under Captian Baker guards the crossing. Santa Anna brings up a couple of field pieces and shells them. The bulk of General Rameriez y Sesma's army is on the way.

Houston is across the river and to the North. The Mexicans locate a flatboat but accurate rifle fire from Bakers men prevents it from being launched. A Mexican sniper kills one Texian.


Paul said...

Sniper? Did the Mexicans have such? I know they did have some rifed arms but sniper?

Oh, and Robert, have you ever heard of S'ons of DeWitt Colony Texas'.

Awsome website!

Old NFO said...

And the end is coming :-) I was not aware of the Mexican sniper either! Thanks!