Thursday, April 21, 2011

San Jacinto: Clear and dry.

No rain. The dawn has been clear and dry. The Mexican Army isn't across a river or behind walls. The Texans left their extra equipment behind at Harrisburg and the most anyone has is a blanket and a cup. They are ready to FIGHT, if only someone will give the order.

Instead, there is a meeting. The captains and commanders and impromptu leaders gather at lunch.

Up the pasture, because of the slight crown in the field, you can't see the Mexican position, only the tops of flagpoles and pennants floating in the morning sunlight. If you climb an oak, as several men do, you can see more. The Mexicans have erected a barrier of wagons, baggage, gear.

Breakfast is leftovers off the captured Mexican supply flatboat. Horses watered and grazed. They saddle up and unsaddle them. Rifles cleaned loaded and oiled. Knives sharp. Tomahawks edged. Everyone ready to GO.

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