Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Santa Anna goes for Harrisburg.

Santa Anna and his various armies are across the Brazos. Houston is to the North of him retreating East from Groce's Plantation. The Texas Cabinet is rumored to be at Harrisburg. Houston has done nothing but flee from the Mexicans and is rumored to be marching to Nacogdoches. If the Mexicans can hang the leaders and cut off Galveston, the last open port, the war will be over. As a practical matter it's over now, with no more big offensive operations anticipated.
Hang the cabinet, post some garrison troops and head for Mexico City. Santa Anna decides to leave Fort Bend and head for Harrisburg.


Paul said...

Sorry but the war was not won YET.

Santa Anna knew the Texicans had over 1000 men, so a field army was still out there. And that army could hide out in Louisanna if it so desired (kind of like the NVA did in Laos.)

His big fault was he really thought he was a Napoleon. Of course Napoleon lost but that didn't phase him. He didn't see the connection.

Funny thing is Napoleon at waterloo made the same mistake of splitting his forces without knowing the size nor dispositions of the enemy (and that is a major no-no in war, from privates to generals.)

Robert Langham said...

Houston has shown no inclination to fight, retreating from Gonzales to the Colorado, from the Colorado to the Brazos. He didn't go after Ramierez Y Sesma, didn't defend San Felipe, went North instead. A third of his command has deserted twice. No artillery. The Mexican army killed the Alamo and Goliad forces to the last man. I would think he was running as well.