Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Runaway Scrape is on!

Settlers, colonists, newcomers, Houston's army, all moving East to get away from the Mexican armies. General Gaona is at Bastrop waiting to cross the Colorado. Tolsa and Ramierez Y Sesma opposite Houston at Burnam's Crossing, Urrea on the coast at Matagorda.

The little Texas Navy has done great work intercepting and harrassing Mexican supply boats along the coast. Three ships, the Brutus, the Invincible and the Independence are restricted to defending Galveston, the last port open to the United States.

The rain holds up the Mexican advance but makes life on the road miserable. Houston's army has a huge refugee train. The old San Antonio Road to Nacogdoches is full. The Texican army is burning ferrys, crossings and towns to deny them to the Mexicans. The Mexicans are torching plantations, settlements and farms.

The Runaway Scrape is on. It's a miserable time of sickness and destruction. It's estimated that 10% of the Texas population died this Spring.

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Old NFO said...

It was also the crucible upon which Texas was formed...