Saturday, March 19, 2011


Somebody ought to make .44 cal rimfire for these Swiss vets!

Plunged into the Harvey Hall gunshow here in Tyler today. Big crowd in two rooms and it seemed like there were more old guns than ever on the tables. No interesting knives. OK, one Marbles blade. Couple of knifemakers who, as usual, seem mental cases. Never met one who wasn't.

Funny sharpener guy was there with his funny sharpeners. Might have found lines on two knife sheath makers.

I took in a H&R single shot M12 target model with international sights, handstop and bipod and an Anschutz Metallic Silhouette M64 with a Weaver scope. They are still on a table up there.

Looked at some Swiss Vetterli rifles. You can't get .44 rimfire ammo any more. I don't know why not. You would think a boutique ammo maker would produce it, or there would be some left in surplus. He had a little ziplock full of the ammo. Said it was half of all that existed.

Was talking to a friend when an ammo dealer offered him a box of old mix and match ammo. Someone had given it to him and he was trying to give it away. I managed to force 20 bucks on him for the box and split it with my friend Alan for a 10.00 donation. Four boxes of Swede Mauser, 6.5X55 and one box of 6.5X54. Some .481 Remington. 8mm Mauser. .44 Special. 25/06. .25 cal. .38 super. Lots of useful stuff. Happy and lucky. .45 auto rimmed.

Gotta go back tomorrow and see if anyone bit on the .22s. My horde of guns was bulging.

Free people doing what free people do.

Update: Not difficult to convert Vetterlis to centerfire. Buffalo Arms has centerfire brass.

Update II: Simplified conversion.


Old NFO said...

Interesting about the .44 ammo... And i'll agree on the knife makers!

Wild Bill said...

Gad Custom Cartridges has Brass and Bullets.

8mm Lebel brass works best. The cases can be formed with .44 mag dies. Lee has .41 swiss dies.