Friday, March 18, 2011

Last full day at Goliad.

Mexican Cavalry by Fredrich Remington.

Houston has ordered Fannin to sink the cannon in the San Antonio river and pull back to Victoria on the Guadelupe. This order was received on the 12th of March. Only today does the garrison prepare to move. Fannin isn't good at getting organized, so he's waited. Waited on word from the troops he sent South with wagons to evacuate settlers. Waited on word from the men sent to check on them. Decides not to sink the cannons but to bring them along. Today he begins to burn extra supplies so they won't fall into the Mexicans plans. Col. Urrea's scouts are in the area and a group of locals who support the Mexicans are riding the woodlines around the fort. Fannin sends out Col. Horton to chase them away. They run, then come back as soon as the Texicans quit the field. This futility goes on most of the day. The garrison watches rather than packs. In the excitement, nobody remembers to feed the oxen who will pull the wagons. The plumes from the burning supplies let anyone in the area know the fort is being abandoned.

A local citizen, Carlos de la Garza and others are still loyal to Mexico and Spain. They have been scouting, passing information and aiding in the capture of King and Ward's men. They and the other loyalists have abandoned Goliad and moved to a large ranch just to the South. Fannin is overmatched and his enemies have excellent information.

If the Mexicans catch them in Fort Defiance- just an old mission, it's going to be a repeat of the Alamo.

Word has arrived that King, Ward and all their men have been defeated, captured and executed by Urrea's men while on their mission to evacuate settlers. Fannin knows the Mexican army is close. Santa Anna and his army still at San Antonio. Fannin's window is nearly closed and he spends the day letting Col. Horton wear out his horses while the garrison watches and cheers from the walls of the presidio.

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