Sunday, March 20, 2011

Daily Deercam

Just about coyote pup time.


Year and a half old buck.

Big Kitty.

Does working out pecking order.

Spring is springing. Been weeks since I checked cams and poured corn. One cam, with 1700+ images on it was still at 75% batts. Pretty good. Flash has quit working though so nothing at night. Second cam was facedown in the leaves with the card stolen by some kids who had been down there lately. I think they also shotgunned the heron rookery. It was pretty quiet up there. Third and forth cams were dead but everything OK. Replaced batts, poured corn and swapped cards. Lucie picking up deerticks. (2) Keeping a scan out for shed antlers.

Update. Replaced a lantern rechargeable and all 8 D batts in two cams, third cam got two Ds which will help it limp along until I get back with more.

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Old NFO said...

Good pics! Sorry to hear about the damaged camera and Heron rookery...