Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Everyone needs a good knife.

At least I think so. I've actually have a USE for a good knife- I end up field-dressing, skinning and butchering 3-8 deer every year. A couple years back I was shocked to find WW2 theater-made and issued knives on Ebay for a song. If I was going to cut up deer, why not do it with old WW2 vintage workhorse blades?

As usual, once I got going, I went overboard. Got some great knives and having sheaths made for a few. But I have quite a pile. Starting to list them on Ebay to thin the lot back a bit. Really is a great thing to have a terrific few blades to work with but I had gotten up into the 20s. Now have them as paperweights, letter openers, darkroom package cutters, et. An interesting history lesson in those old knives. Just amazing that you can get a 65-year-old WW2 issued and carried or made from scratch knife for such a low prices.

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Anonymous said...

I went overboard on the CMP bayonets. 6 inch used and new, 10 inch used.