Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Houston marches to Groce's Plantation.

Houston known among the Indians as "The Raven." Also: "Big Drunk."
He's 42 and in charge of the last Texian Army.

Houston stays overnight at San Felipe, then moves the army 20 miles North to Jared Groce's plantation. San Felipe is a very important town to Texicans as it is the center of colonization for Austin's "Old 300" but it doesn't look like a good place to fight. The men are grumbling having been ready to fight on the Colorado and now retreating again. Captain Mosley Baker announces that he and his company are staying to defend San Felipe and Wiley Martin takes men South to defend the Brazos crossing at Ft Bend. Since they ARE staying Houston orders them to stay and moves the army North.
Groce's plantation has supplies, corn, cattle, pigs and Houston is going to rest and organize the army there. It's raining and the Texians are disgusted with the retreat, abandoning San Felipe to the Mexicans and the weather. Houston is running the whole show out of a saddlebag. The Texas Supreme Commander has 200.00, a horse and a pistol stuck in his sash. Someone steals his indian blanket.

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