Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Houston gets the news of Fannin's Surrender.

Houston retreated to the Colorado at Burnham's Ferry and crossed the flooded river. He had 347 men. With Fannin's force he planned to hold at the Colorado. Santa Anna had left San Antonio and was reported to be only 15 miles away. Urrea was to the South. Goana was at Bastrop on the Colorado to the North. On the 19th he he burned the ferry and shifted South to Beason's Crossing. (Columbus, Texas) On the 21st Ramirez Y Sesma appeared on the opposite bank with his troops and dug in. Houston held better ground and was protected by the river and many urged him to attack. He tentatively set the attack for Saturday the 26th.

On Wednesday the 23rd he received word of Fannin's capture. This news turns the war into a rout. The Alamo gone. Fannin captured. Most of the cannon in Texas had been at one or the other. Bowie, Travis, Bonham, Dickensen, Crockett, King dead. Fanin, Ward, Duval, Dr. Sutherland captured. Houston is in charge of the last rebel force. Just 200 yards of raging river separate him from the Mexicans.

The news of the defeat at Goliad does produce one effect. Colonists and settlers, not just newcomers from the States, realize that the stakes have been raised. They have to pick a side. As Houston retreats East he moves out of the Spanish influenced culture and more into territory settled by Anglos. As word of the Alamo and Goliad spread his Army swells to 1300 men. The settlers are finally joining the fight. Nearly everyone know someone who was in one garrison or the other.

The Texicans and the Mexicans stare at each other across the swollen river for six days.

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