Monday, March 14, 2011

Open Carry in Texas.

Let's Pack! If fire dept inspectors and every other LEO in civilian clothes can go armed to the terror of the public, why not citizens?

Here's the guy who filed a bill. He's George Lavendar and his district is the upper Northeast corner of Texas. I called him and got his cheerful staffer named Matt and chatted him up a bit. This bill won't go anywhere- it's a 27 page tome, but it does get the ball rolling.

Call him and give them a little encouragement! 512 463 0692.


Old NFO said...

Couple of beauties there Robert! And I DO hope one day Texas returns to it's roots... I can remember seeing open carry in the 60's around the stockyards in Fort Worth and no one complained.

Paul said...

Just saw the Texas senate passed the firearms in parking lots bill.

So maybe we will also be have the right to keep our hoglegs in the parkinglots where we work.