Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The New Orleans Greys Flag

New Orleans Greys Flag in the Natural History Museum in Mexico City.

On display in Mexico, but sometimes they admit they have it and sometimes they don't. This is the third or so time this has come up in my lifetime. The flag actually flew at the Alamo and they aren't going to give it back. We offered them THREE flags captured from the Mexican forces at San Jacinto. No deal.

Update: Idly wondering about the security at the National History Museum of Mexico.

Update II: i wonder if they would trade it for some BATFE agents and supervisors?


Old NFO said...

That sucks, the US gives all kinds of stuff back to countries to 'repatriate' items for good relations, and we get THIS lack of cooperation?

Hat Trick said...

They're probably holding out for Santa Anna's wooden leg. The Illinois National Guard has it here in Springfield and I don't think they're willing to give it up.


They also have my neighbor's shot-up HumVee windshield from the Palm Sunday ambush in the museum.

Let me know if you want to swing by on your way to/from Camp Perry and I'll buy you lunch and take the tour with you.