Friday, September 17, 2010

Shooting S&W.

Soon as I got home I responded to a Make Offer counteroffer on a pair of correct but beat S&W diamond target grips for the pistol. The pistol is pretty beat, so it should be a fine match. Pistol shoots great. A little sticky on extraction but that comes with the territory.

Shot very well at 25 yards with a standard six-oclock hold on an NRA Bullseye pistol repair center. Group was up at 10 oclock. Clicked over and down and it moved to the center. Sat down and shot off a rest and put it in the X-ring with a little judicious clicking. Wolf Match Target. Shot 100 rounds with the K22 and a S&W single shot target model.

Guy down the line was firing a 9mm semiauto copy of a Suomi submachine gun. Heavy thing. I fired it offhand five rounds at my pistol target and was in at seven oclock with a five inch group. Interesting gun. I guess. Heavier than a Garand. Nice long barrel to push those 9mms. I went down and spotted for him with binocs at 100 yards. Looked to me like the 9mms were really moving.

Dad's single shot S&W target pistol, (brought back from India in WWII), doesn't have adjustable sights. Odd. Shoots a little 3:00 with Wolf Match Target. Wonder what grips that thing takes? Why, I guess I should take them off and look!

Ought to list the Dan Wesson .22 and the Ruger .357 Security Six on Gunbroker now with no reserve and move them out.

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Paul said...

What Security Six Kemosabe?