Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tactical dogging.

Back when she was a wee pup.

President Obama may not like his, ("They talk about me like I'm a dog.") but its common knowledge that a dog around the house is active home security system. As our Lucie works into the household mix she's getting more active. At night if she hears something suspiscious, usually about the same time I do, she starts making a low ruff/cough sound. Last night she alerted several times. I checked it out, once with flashlight and firearm. Glad to have another set of ears and eyes keeping the home safe.

And to the President: You wish.


Anonymous said...

Dogs provide comfort and security.

POTUS: not so much.

Old NFO said...

Security and unconditional love are definitely a contributor to a happy home, and dogs contribute on BOTH counts! :-)

Bradley said...

I miss my dogs, i live ~9k miles from them, and would hunt down anyone that talked bad about them, or hurt them. I cant say the same about our current leader.