Sunday, September 19, 2010

IBM Carbine

IBM, jacket and mags.

Five shots prone, 100 yards, slingless off the mat.

Last five shots sitting at 100, no sling.

Thought I would shoot it cold, just like in a match so I rolled out the mat, set up the scope and put on my jacket.

I didn't use the sling. Started with Remington Express Rifle, the best-shooting ammo so far.

First six shots all over the target face. Inside the seven ring. Nothing in the black. Everything broke down the middle. Hmmm. I switched to Aguilla and shot a 10 round rapid prone and then a ten round rapid sitting. Both groups in the 2 oclock area but improving. An 89 and an 90X3. I clicked one left and came down a notch to shoot two five shot strings. One 5-sting sitting and one 5-string prone. I really wasn't seeing very well but it held the black all the way. Maybe it likes to be shot hot.


Old NFO said...

Interesting that it shot better hot... Expanding and getting a firmer fit in the stock maybe?

Anonymous said...

I shot my old Universal carbine in a couple of 200 yard NRA High Power matches years ago.
It did OK, all the rounds went through the targets point first. But it got some snickers because the bullets took so much longer getting to the targets than the M1 and M1A's bullets did.

I snickered a bit because the fired brass went up and then landed in the middle of my back.

I am glad I tried it.