Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shooting Carbines.

Off a bench at 100 yard NRA targets.

1. The Winchester doesn't shoot well. The barrel flexes loosely up and down. Barrel band really doesn't hold it. Feed problems with the best shooting ammo X3. Doubled once.

2. Standard Products in a new stock never shot a good group and shoots low out the bottom at one setting and way high at the next sight setting. Hold center mass and you get a bad group with flyers.

3. Inland in a folding stock shot the best, but spits up its forearm every now and again. Quit shooting Lake City. Shot the most expensive buck-a-shot ammo in the X and Ten ring with a perfect six oclock hold for about six shots, then started wandering.

I'm beginning to think there is no such thing as a good shooting carbine. Had four selections of ammo. Nothing liked the LC much. The Remington is the best all around. Going to clean these guns and pull out the other two carbines and try them. I have an IBM and something, maybe another Inland.

Update: New forearm for the folding stock. Metal edge at the back is much longer. Shouldn't pop out.

Update II: Winchester going back into storage. Standard products coming out of it's new stock, going back into the old one and going into storage. Inland might hang around in the folding stock for a bit. Other two coming out. IBM and a something.


Old NFO said...

Good luck on that Robert... I know that has to be frustrating for you as good a shooter as you are.

Paul said...

I guess you are going to have to shoot my NPM Carbine Robert. 15 shots strait prone head shots on a IDPA target at 100 yards at Bob's range. I use Remingtion 110 gr soft point factory for that. GI FMJ does not do as well.

Robert Langham said...

I'm not having much luck with mine. Just reading a reloader that said he could get 2 inch groups. I doubt that, but would love to see it.