Sunday, September 26, 2010

Texas State Rifle Association Garand Championship.

Emily and Mitchell Hogg with Em's Carbine. She just let her brother (SFA) lean in.

Dad and sons on the end of the 100 yard Range at Terrell Rifle and Pistol Club.

Jeff Lin and his Garand.

David Keys lines up his 1903A3.

I didn't get many shots of the line. Usually it was full but I was in it. This is the last relay of Saturday.

Em Hogg with her CMP North Store Carbine.

Katy Foster from SHSU.

Rusty Hogg with his Garand.

Gregg Foster with a 1903A3.

One of the young fellows with a Garand that planted a shiner under his eye. I'm sure his thumb got him. You have to put your cheekbone on the back of your thumb and ride the recoil. Any separation and it comes back and whacks you. Usually a fingertip will get your lip!

Still shooting today, though I have to be at the Justin and Kim Utley's wedding so I can't go shoot. Nice crowd of folks with a lot of old wooden-stocked rifles. It delayed us with rain early but then got better. We waited it out in the big members building while watching radar and satelite images on phones and ipads. It's a great life.
Rick ran the match. David Wilson called the lines. Alan Wilson cooked some pretty good five buck range burgers. Karl Schultz helped sort out sacks of Greek HXP ammo from the CMP.
I finished the day in the lead for Garand, Springfield and Vintage. We'll see if any of those scores hold up. Much better shooting conditions today, cooler and drier with more light.

Update: After all the carbine work I shot the best M1 Carbine score I had ever shot...but it wasn't enough. Too many in the white. Shot a 360 but a 365 won. Ron Leraas is the Carbine King! My little IBM goes back in the cabinet for another year. Garand and the 1903A3 are clean, K31 in the rack. Probably hunt deer with them in a month.


Old NFO said...

Sounds like another great day (well ANY day of shooting beats most alternatives). Hope you can pull it out! Enjoy the wedding too!

Anonymous said...

Is Ron Leraas the person with the "National Match" carbine?