Monday, September 13, 2010

A Carbine that shoots.

IBM in a Boyd reproduction stock. Held the black at 100 with anything I put in it.

Inland in a reproduction folding stock. These stocks shoot with less apparent recoil and much better trigger control and hand position because of the pistol grip.

This might be the rifle. IBM in a Boyd.

Last night while watching young millionaires completely screw up their jobs, (Redskins 13, Cowboys 7), I swapped out two M1 Carbines for two others. This morning i took them out to shoot.
Both of the new guns were IBMs rearsenaled in 1953 and in depot storage until I bought them a few years ago. I put the best barrel band in a new Boyd stock and put up three targets at 100 yards. One for the Inland in a folding stock, one for the IBM/Boyd and one for the last IBM which was in an SG cartouched wood. Looks like the IBM in the Boyd might shoot. It held the black with every ammunition I tried except some hot handloads that made an X-ring sized group in the 8-ring at 12 oclock. The receiver plate was loose. I tightened it and it still shot well. Maybe this is the gun.
Just need to get a box of the ammo I intend to shoot and shoot a match to see if it holds up. MIGHT try it in the folding stock. That's the easiest stock to shoot for some reason.
One complaint: Front sight is mushroomed along one edge. Army armorers.


Old NFO said...

Meh... falls into the some assembly required problem Robert. Glad you have at least a 'potential' shooter! Good luck at the match!

WV- builtit :-)

STxRynn said...

that is an amazing group of carbines. I am in awe of your ability as a photographer. You have quite an eye for composition.

This pedestrian is a bit covetous of your skill and your stable!

Paul said...

Now Robert, is one of these carbines to become your house gun?

I keep thinking of Mark Wilson at the Tyler Court house shooting and how if he simpley had a M1 Carbine in his appartment he could have just opened the window and plugged that murder with one shot. Would have been DRT with such as Carbine.

We have learned fromt that incident that risking a pistol fight with a AK is not wise.

And yes, my Carbine is the 'go to' rifle even though I have ARs and AK!