Friday, September 10, 2010

Inland from the top below in a (reproduction), folding stock. Much easier to get hand position with this stock. Note the very early barrel band. The late barrel bands are supposed to be the best but this was my only Inland. All the folding stock carbines were Inlands.

Inland, Winchester and a Standard Products in a new stock. All of them rearsenaled in 1953 and stored until I bought them six years ago. You would think at least one of them would shoot.

TSRA Garand, Vintage, 1903 Springfield and Carbine matches coming up at Terrell Rifle and Pistol Club on the 25th and 26th of this month. I've shot the Carbine match four times and never had a good-shooting carbine. Seems hardly any of them will hold the black at 100 yards on a standard NRA 100 yard target. You get flyers, moving groups, odd shots. Very frustrating. When the CMP was really selling a lot of M1 Carbines, (out now) they published a little piece on how to accurize your M1 Carbine. Every one of the folks who followed their instructions said their carbines shot MUCH worse. Last year I borrowed a carbine the owner SWORE was a tack driver with LC ammunition. It shot all over the target face.

I'm going to tighten up all three and see if one is better than the others. All have new or USGI inspected barrels. Testing a couple of different ammos.

Killed a doetag with my Standard Products. It was in a really nice high-wood stock so I restocked it to carry hunting. Deer have a lot of aiming black so the shot wasn't any problem. Ten ring at 100 yards is about six inches. The black- nine, ten and X ring are about 10 inches. i want to stay in the black on prone-slow fire, 10 shots for a 90+ score at the match.


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Good luck with the carbines... The one I had I could hit the barn, IF I was standing inside...