Thursday, September 9, 2010

Koran Burning: I'm against it.

Unbelieveable publicity stunt by this guy in Florida. The General, the President, The Whitehouse spokesman, the Secretary of State. Everyone signed in. They are against it. I'm against it. It's a bad idea to disrespect even the disrespectable.

I'm an extreme critic of Islam. As a social liberal I cannot, WILL not tolerate its subjugation of women's rights, murderous policy towards gays, hate of the Jews, repression of Christianity and other faiths and their merging of church and state. I think Islam ought to be tolerated about like the KKK by modern society. It's a stupid, retrograde, 4th century, unreformed belief system. Look at the conditions in countries where it is practiced. You'll see the fruits of it's labor.

That said, I'm against burning any book, even the Koran. Everyone ought to read it instead. You can file it under fiction later. Muslims have the right to believe what they wish, however foolish.

From now ON however, I expect the same respect from Muslims. No burning Bibles or Korans. No rioting over cartoons. No more murders of Dutch film makers. If I was them I'd buckle up and get ready for "Piss Prophet." Recognize the right of other religions to practice freely....anywhere.

Welcome to the modern world.


Robert Langham said...

Maybe the Iman, who has devoted his life to peace and understanding, ought to relocate the center to Riyad. NYC is PLENTY tolerant and diverse, while Saudi is seriously lacking in the understanding and diversity that modern life requires.

ASM826 said...

Electronic copies of the Koran are available for download. What if you download and then delete it? Make a copy on a CD and burn that? What if you just edited it so it said that it was wrong to kill people who disagreed with you, wrong to commit suicide, and that the Jews really were the chosen People, then uploaded to the web somewhere to be found? Thinking about paper copies and fire is so 14th Century.

For the record, I'm in favor of religious tolerance for everyone, by everyone.