Wednesday, September 22, 2010

M1 Carbine work.

10/22 with Yankee Hill Suppressor. (Too much suppressor.) Titan Barrel. Serial number in the first 9000.

Three holes high and left are from starting with the muzzle brake on. I took it off and shot the last two of five in the top of the 10-ring. The next five round mag is scattered vertically in the black.

USGI Muzzle Brake. Easy on and off, but it moved the zero considerably. Didn't seem to make a huge difference in the recoil.

Started off prone with a cold barrel at 100 yards. I put the muzzle brake on. It moved the zero up and to the left by about a foot at 100. The group was terrific, just in the wrong place. I removed the brake and the last two shot went back where the zero was, in the top of the 10-ring.

Shot a little suppressed 10/22. Wolf Match Target. It shoots well and you can see them flip downrange in the scope. Just can't get a Ruger magazine to feed reliably. The bullets stick in the mag and keep the rotating center from feeding.

Shot my k22 pistol 30 rounds just for fun. It's fun.


Arthur said...

Those ruger mags fairly well used?

Depending on the ammo that's been run through them they can get a wax/lube buildup inside that needs to get cleaned off every now and again.

Old NFO said...

Ruger mags... the horror story from hell. I don't think I've EVER seen a 10-22 mag actually function correctly through an entire mag!

SDN said...

I've shot several thousand rounds through mine and never had an issue. The very definition of YMMV, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

I know that carbine sight adjustments are coarse (to be kind) but couldnt you get it in the center with the muzzle brake on? Sure looks like it did some good for your group size.

Robert Langham said...

I could put it in the center, but the muzzle brake isn't legal for the CMP M1 Carbine match.

Anonymous said...

O K. Sorry about that. A whole lot of carbines were around in the 60's that had to have muzzle breaks welded on the barrels to make them long enough to be legal. Guess they wouldnt be 'as issue' legal for the current competitions. Whole lot of those around. I thought that they were the ones that were made for the paratrooper folding stock configuration, who knows?