Friday, November 21, 2008

Quiet Evening in the Hood

  Sitting at the computer in my underwear with a cat and a glass of some industrial grade cabernet when I heard gunfire a block or two over.  Lots of gunfire.  A mag.  Return fire.  Has a funny reverberating echo to it, like a shoot-out inside a Ryder Truck.  I wouldn't bother the police- mostly Mexican Nationals over that way and I celebrate diversity but the downstairs renter called 911.  Three cars on the way.  Update later.
  Folks are getting in touch about how to get ammo- a cheap lifetime supply of ammo, because of the Obamacles and his lightworkers.  I haven't a clue.  Buy it, I guess.  There is a gunshow tomorrow in town, organized by some folks who have been trying to get a circuit started.  I guess they figured Obama was their big chance.
  Regretting not buying Rock River lowers at the National Matches.  By the time we got there the cheap blems were gone.

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