Wednesday, November 5, 2008


  Ruger 7X57 hanging next to the Walmart Chair across the creek.

  Just gave the C stock a good wash in Murphey's Oil Soap, dried it and put on a first coat of Boiled Linseed Oil.  It's standing up at the studio.  I THINK I have all the pieces to put it back together in the new stock.  The trick will be tightening the stock cross-bolts.  The nuts have a weird slotted head.
  So: replaced the skinny front sight.  Trigger job smoothing up the worst trigger I ever shot in a match.  Heavier C stock.  That's about all I can do besides shoot better.  Going to take it doe-killing in a month.  I'd take it this weekend but it takes about a month to get the BLO to dry through two coats.
  Carrying my little Ruger #1 presently.  Great little rifle and shoots a solid offhand.  I think I could easily make a 200 yard shot with it and that's about the farthest I would get a shot.  Going back to the vintage pile for doe-killing.  May start with the Garand and the new barrel.

  Absolutely gorgeous in the woods.  Sign everywhere.  Six or eight big scrapes in the pasture at the corner where I hunt.  Perfect position.  Tracks everywhere.  No deer.  I ought to be seeing does running past, little bucks popping out of the woodline and weeds, lost fawns run off by rutting bucks.  Nothing.
  Just have to stay after it.  Rain tomorrow.  Will reset the tracks and sign but they are all fresh.  Saw the doe with two fawns in the dark last night under a tree eating acorns in the middle of the big pasture.  They ignored me parking the 4-Runner and watching them from inside 100 yards. 


Anonymous said...

All of our leaves are long gone here. Soon to have ..... snow.

For the 03 crossbolts I bought a small screwdriver that was a close match to the nut slot. Then I got out Mr. Dremel and ground the blade tip to fit exactly. The next step was to cut a small notch in the tip just the width of the bolt hole and only a small fraction of an inch deep. Worked like a charm.

catfish said...

Nothing like being still in the woods.

Enjoy it. ;)