Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Daily Deercam

  I think he would go about 140 B & C.

  Notice the blood on the antler.

  Not camera shy.  Most of the big ones are.  I haven't seen Big Ten except with my own eyes this year, not on camera at all.  He's in the area along with another big buck I have been hunting.

  This is the 8-point I passed on.

  Instead of being a lazy bum I should have been checking my deercam.  Still fighting and the major scrapes are being worked while all the smaller ones are abandoned.  Notice the blood on his left photo side antler.

  I know this deer from a few years back.  He's slightly bigger than the biggest I have ever shot.

  There is so much blood on the back two tines on the 17th that I wonder if there is another dead buck somewhere close.  Looks like a deep puncture with both tines.

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