Sunday, November 9, 2008

Eight point I passed on.

  What would dad think of this wealth of deer at the back door to his lakehouse?  This is the same afternoon at the cam less than 100 yards from where I had him in my crosshairs.  Nice healthy buck.  I just already have a few bigger.  If both of us live through the year and he drops a tine next season we'll see.
  This morning I jumped a buck and a doe at 6:00am when I came around the corner into the pasture.  The buck jumped into the woods.  The doe just stood and snorted.  She didn't leave.  I hunched over and walked around her in the gloaming, pausing only to fish out my Tinks #69 and mist a cloud of doe pee her way. 
  The bent-horn buck came through later.  Alone.

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