Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Man Cooking

  Hate to leave this out.  Going to make a video of boiling down a deer head.  Cheaper and nicer than a mount or a skullcap cut.


Anonymous said...

MMM. Whatzat I smell cooking? Thanksgiving dinner? Let me look ..... aaaarrrgghhhhh (running away in panic mode).

Great deer dude but most folks cook the backstraps first.Smile.

Hope you're having a great Thanksgiving !!!

Robert Langham said...

Deer Head Stew. I should have tossed in an onion, some garlic and a little salt. It might be a little hairy but what the heck. Humans have eaten worse.

KingsideRook said...

Hey, man, as long as you're not gonna eat it, more power to you for your wall hanging.


Borepatch said...

The french could make this taste good. Similar to tete de veau (calf's head). Recipe here:

The butchers will have cut the head in two and then rolled it round a calf’s tongue which once secured in a net Harris will poach in a broth, well seasoned with vegetables, parsley, peppercorns and plenty of salt either on the stove on the gentlest of flames or in the oven on the lowest light. Once a meat skewer can be put through the head and meets no resistance, on average after about five hours, it will be ready but at this stage Harris offers two invaluable bits of advice for the adventurous cook. “Firstly, this is one dish that has to be cooked completely. There is no more certain way of putting anyone off tête de veau forever than to serve it undercooked. And the second is that once you have finished cooking it you must allow it to cool completely otherwise it will explode.”

I must admit that I never had the guts to order this, and I'll eat a lot of stuff.

Robert Langham said...

Next year.