Thursday, November 13, 2008

New tree sitting.

  This is what the environmentalist nuts get to enjoy.  Get the apes back IN the trees.  It's nice up there.

  Of course, I'm armed.

  Crossed the deep grass pasture as the moon set this morning.  I jumped a deer when I got to the tree but they couldn't quite figure me in the dark.  And disappearing up the tree is playing one level higher than they go.

  But.  At the bottom of the tree I left a gallon milk jug full of corn for the cam.  (ethanol cam?)  If they noticed it, it wouldn't be that big a deal...right?

  At dawn a very strikingly marked doe, trailed by her fawn came out of the woods and FREAKED out over the jug.  She stamped and bobbed her head at the jug from one side of the tree, then went around and tried to bluff it into moving from the other.  An hour later the doe with two fawns came skirting around the pasture and did the same thing.

  No bucks, and the does had their fawns with them.  Very handsome animals just a few feet away below me.  I pulled the camera card and saw that I had run a few deer off the cam as I came through the brush.  I'm quiet, but I don't have anything on deer who make about as much noise as fog.  Did get a couple grunts out of one of the does as she checked the scrape.

  Little three and four point 1 1/2 olds on the cam.  Nothing big.  Does to close to photograph from the tree.  I didn't want to blink.  Try again in the morning.

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Adam said...

Looks like a nice view. Tough luck on not finding anything today. Better luck tomorrow.