Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tyler Tea Party! (and Newspaper Fail)

  Speaking truth to power.

Protest Babe.



Power to the People!

  3000 folks?  Just guessing based on my own count and asking several others.  This is about 1/5th of the crowd.  I'm going to count the heads and try and get a closer estimate.

  Very friendly crowd.  Very polite and considerate of each other.  More women than men.  Lots of kids.  All ages of people.

  Tea Party video up later tonight.  I was shocked at how many people were there...and the signs.  Wait until you see the signs in the vid.  Funniest one was: Don't Worry America!  Barney Frank is behind you!  Of course, I'm a sucker for a funny line.

  Brother, are printed signs cranked out by professional protesters going to look LAME from here on out.  Marks-a-lot that truth to power, baby!

  I don't think anyone had ever been to, (or organized) a protest before.  New folks.  Grass roots.  That's a very important fact.

  Folks standing on picnic tables, fountains, climbing trees.  I think we even trampled a little city shrubbery.

  Somebody said they saw one policeman.  That was one more than they needed, this is the law and order crowd.  Folks all seemed as surprised as I was about the fact that they weren't the only one there.

  Lousy audio system.  I bet it will be better next time.

  And newspapers? 

  The Texas Legislature passes a RESOLUTION telling the Feds to get back behind their constitutional limits.  The Governor, Rick Perry, standing in the rotunda of the capitol on the Texas Star gives a speech saying the Feds have grown too big, gotten too intrusive and need to get out of Texas affairs and business.

  Drudge headlines it.  Rush talks about it.  Glenn Beck talks about it.  

  On the front page of the Dallas Morning News this morning:  nothing.  Tyler Paper: nothing.

  This isn't news?  

  What a useless waste of natural resources the newspapers have become.  

  In the future, when I try and describe what a ridiculous thing newspapers were, I guess I'll mostly say they were good for crossword puzzles and for puppies to pee on while you were housebreaking them.

Update:  Try this.  PJTV.  If you aren't reading Instapundit, you aren't keeping up.

UpdateII: Now Gov. Perry says we could secede if we wanted to.  Let's see if THIS get's coverage.  Holy Independent Republic.



smith kaich jones said...

Local TV stations have been talking about it, but not a whole lot. All 3 network affiliates - yes, even the NBC affiliate! :)

And methinks Rick may have just gotten himself re-elected.

:) Debi

the pistolero said...

Nothing from the AP either. I guess they think the president's dog is more important.

Old NFO said...

Agreed! And they better watch out, if the women are out in force, REAL change WILL be coming in 2010!!!

OrangeNeckInNY said...

Rick Perry 2012!!

Anonymous said...

If we had burned cars, trashed the park benches, threw rocks at the KLTV station, I bet they would have made the protest front page. Sadly that seems the only way to get them to publish anything. And I suspect that's just why REAL radical extremist do use so much violence. No, we are not like that, but you see why TV and the papers show so little.