Saturday, April 18, 2009

I got one word: Gunshow.

  I need pistol powder without the bogus hazmat fee, Bill wants some 9mm, I'm out of  .22 subsonic and need a replacement for the bent decapping shaft on my .45 sizer.

  Plus I need the FIX.  I need to celebrate diversity.  Right now.

  Guns, guns, guns, guns, guns.

  Taking a kid, of course.  He may not see this when he is grown.

Update:  Never seen a crowd packed in like this.  I parked where no man had ever parked before....out beyond the lines where the asphalt stretches to the horizon and men park without design or honor.
  Nothing like being in a crowd of heavily armed Texans.  Best people in the world.
   I stood in a line of 20 or more to get 9mm reloads, (2oo for 60.00)  No primers.  Got the powder and found 20 Garand enbloc clips for a friend for a buck apiece.  Guns of all kinds.  Rock River lowers, built out with stocks, 395.00.  ARs for 1000.  Crazy prices.
  The organizers are making a mint.  Obama is their best salesman ever.  Going back tomorrow to add some cheap reload slugs for practice with my Les Baer .45.  They had some Ranier 200 grain flatnose for 16.00 per 100.  That's what the LOADED ammo used to go for, but that's where we are today.
  These people better be shooting...and voting.  Or they won't be shooting.


Kevin said...

Where be a Gunshow?

Robert said...

Tyler. Harvey Hall. Standing room only this morning.

Anonymous said...

so did you find any decap pins?

Lord MegaDong said...

Say Robert, What the going rate for those Junk Romainian AKs? Like the WASRs? have they hit a grand yet?

Robert said...

I had the decap pins already, I bent the spindle. Moved one over from a .38/.357 die set I have. Probably a Midway item.
Did find Titegroup.

Haji said...

WASR's seem to be trading in the $700-$750 range.

The last gun show I went to, south of Nashville, wasn't bad, in comparison to what I expected. There were plenty of AR's for sale-at somewhat inflated prices, compared to the crazy prices I've read about on the 'net-and there were even a couple of SCARs for sale. IIRC, they were in the $5500 range, but may have been more. I wasn't interested, so I'm not really sure. There was even some ammo in bulk, although again at somewhat higher prices than usual.

Paul said...

I saw Winchester white label box 9mm,50 rounds,for 35 bucks! Talk about a smoken'crack price! Even Academy Sports Winchester Nato 9mm ball is 'only' $24!

The prices were so stupid I just got cleaning brushes. Fortunatly for me I have my guns already, and plenty of reloading supplies.

But to many people waited till now to even look. Had a friend call about finding an AR! No he does not have one but NOW he want's one!