Friday, April 17, 2009

Green onions and gamecams.

  Same doe and her two buck fawns.  They are going to grow their first little horns this year.  It will be fun to watch.

  Dumber than dogs.  When the rut starts and she cuts them loose they are going to be wandering all over the place wondering what's going on.  That's when many of them get killed.  They ought to have great genetics and grow into monster bucks if they make it a few years.

  Rain moving in.  I corned up the lake gamecams and pulled the cards.  Bottom full of newly leafed poison ivy and hungry mosquitos.  Close cam had nothing but coons though the Cardinals showed up and started cussing me for not pouring corn and getting lost.  They like that corn.

  The neighbor had new green onions.  Just finished dressing them down in the kitchen sink.The house smells like fresh onions!  Benefit of lake membership.  Need to hit the TMA cams unless the bottom falls out, which from the sounds of distant thunder, may be happening.

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