Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's the Pirate life for me!

  Anyone notice that shipping in international waters off Somalia is another one of those safe GUN-FREE zones?  So why isn't it safe?  And what could possibly be the answer to piracy?  

  I know!  Let's Ban Guns!  

  Idiots!  That's the progressive/liberal thought that got us here.  Multi-million dollar high-tech ships full of multi-million dollar cargoes cruising defenselessly through waters teeming with armed amatures who have the WILL to take them.  But let's don't put any GUNS on board!  That would be.....uncivilized!  Expecting a crew to defend a ship?  How un-modern!

  Oh yeah, water cannons, sound cannons, heat cannons.  Anything but a simple locker with six Garands in it.

  I'd match even the most modernized bunch of union (that ain't in my contract!) crewman against Somali pirates in little boats 300 miles out to sea.  Shoot the first up the ladder in the face and see who else is game if you even got to that point.  

  Disgusting to watch civilization prostrate itself before criminals.  We taught them that we wouldn't "resist" and they certainly learned.

  Only modern civilized people are stupid enough to go about on the High Seas unarmed.  No wonder pirates are playing Who Wants to be a Millionaire!

Update:  Wonder when the order "break open the arms locker and prepare to repel boarders" was last given?

Update II:  Great.  Several warships and highly trained US Navy Seals manage to kill three pirates and spring the hostage capitan.  Good, but did we have to get to that point?  How much did we spend per dead pirate?  And is the situation solved?  Nope, millions and nope.

Update III:  You can't make this stuff up.  Here's an article that actually refers to Somalia's "gun-plagued shores."  It's not the piracy, it ain't the criminal mindset, it's not even's the GUNZ!!!!!  If Somalia didn't have those dang "gun-plagued shores", supertankers could burble by the beach in unicorn and rainbow paint jobs with the crews blowing bubbles and flying kites off the decks.  I bet there are even Somali GUNSHOWS on those dang "gun-plagued shores" where people buy assault weapons without going through a background check!!!
  The pirates are vowing revenge.  Want those Garands or not?

Update IV:  Seals sniped them at 25-30 yards from the fantail of the destroyer that was towing them.  Yeeouch.  I bet that left a mess.

Update V:  What exactly do you do with dead pirates?  Leave them in the boat and cut it loose?  Burial at sea?  Hang them in a cage at the harbor entrance?  I don't think anyone has yet claimed the bodies of the 9/11 terrorists.

Update VI: Well, they didn't have to suffer through the hellhole of Guantanamo, did they?  It's worse, I hear, since Obama took over.


Haji said...

Well said! I think the only reason this is taking so long to resolve is that it takes a while to get The Big Boys into place to take down the terrorists. It seems pretty simple, really: give him back, and you guys will maybe live. Don't give him back, and every damn one of you dies, and perhaps your families, too. It's what they'd do.

Robert said...

And the US Navy isn't much help. Let the crewmen defend themselves.

catfish said...

Anyone who relies on the government for their protection is bound to be dissapointed when the SHTF.

Anonymous said...

Not sure that I'd pick a Garand when the other side has AK-47's and RPGs. Yep that stands for rocket propelled grenades. Some of them designed to penetrate mild armor plate with their explosives. Humm. You're on a Supertanker with 200 million dollars worth of ship and oil underneath you, flammable oil. They are armed with explosive armor penetrating grenades. I think I'll take the Barrett 50 BMG with the 10 shot clip. Thanks.

Old NFO said...

It's the sheer size of the area- 5X the United States, need 50+ ships and 30+ acft to patrol it effectively. Why no arming? Believe it or not Insurance issues!!! It's apparently cheaper to pay the occasional claim than to wind up in the Hague on Maritime Law violations...

Robert said...

Yep. International law and insurance, and it's bovine by-product. Six Garands. no 50s- shooting a 50 has to be trained. Nearly anyone can get a Garand up and going. Hell, Mauser bolt actions would be OK. You just gotta put up a fight.
Running. Hiding. Safe rooms. Man up, Seamen!