Monday, April 27, 2009

Life in the Neighborhood: Naked Gun II!

  Home security device, one each.  95.00.

 The woman LEO who lives across the street surprised a guy who was looking in cars with a flashlight this morning at 4:30.  Her inside-sleeping dogs alerted her.  She lost her bike last week.  The neighbors on the other side lost their bikes out of the garage last fall.  Plenty of motion lights around but more coming.  Motion lights and dogs seem to be a good answer.  
  I walked over and introduced myself to the new folks who are remodeling on the other next door site.  Gave them a heads-up.  
  I can't believe the (youngish) woman didn't catch this guy.  She and her boyfriend (also LEO) are very aggressive and love the chase.  Next time maybe.
  One burglar can make everyone miserable.  Two active burglars bump a city's crime stats through the roof.  We need a bike with a GPS locator inside.  Seems like that kind of off-the-shelf-stuff would get done these days.
  Just for the record, my loaded anti-burglar gun is a ruined sporter of a T44 Jap 6.5 carbine.  95 bucks.  I wouldn't be out a bit handing it over to the police for six months after I shot a burglar in the butt from the window over the drive.  Not that I would ever point a firearm at any living human being without reasonable, legal, and logical cause.  I'm not a hater about this kind of stuff.
  Just saying.  If forced to shoot someone, it's not going to be with a collectable firearm.

Update: So the guy, Mr. Neighbor LEO was in his yard a minute ago when the redhead and I were leaving to eat at Taco Wacco...and I asked him: What gives?  How do two young, fit, marginally armed and commissioned types NOT catch a burglar when he is within spitting range?  Answer: they were DRESSING.  Since they sleep alfresco he thought it best to get dressed first.
  People, people, PEOPLE!  What makes a better story: Catching a burglar or catching a burglar buck naked?  You HAVE to have thought your plan through.  It's all nothing but training.  He and I discussed further and I told him I fully expected to see them out and about at 4:00am tomorrow practicing apprehensions and takedowns in their birthday suits.


Anonymous said...

I'd just use a pawn shop Mossburg Maverick 12. They are not expensive and do fine for yard work.

Anonymous said...

I once chased down in my patrol car clad only in my undies a drunken driver who knock down my pasture fence. Needless to say, i had no place to hang my gun.