Monday, April 20, 2009

Decent Folks.

  Doctor and patients: The Rippys.

  Hugging your health care provider.
 Patients by the armful.

  The basic Patient/Doctor relationship.


  Your basic kid.

  Your other basic kid.

  Dr. Starling.

  First I was jam-packed among them at the gunshow, then Sunday I photographed the retirement of Dr. Starling, a long-time pediatrician who offices on my block.  Editing the photos reinforces the feeling I had while photographing the 300 or so folks who came by to show what they thought about their children's doctor.  
  In some cases, he had three generations of kids in one family.
  Really decent human beings.  
  Congrats and thanks to Dr. Starling and his family and staff for his generations of service to Tyler and much happiness during his retirement.

  It's a great privilege to live among such good and decent people.

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Old NFO said...

And sadly that type of doctoring is becoming the exception rather than the norm...