Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday, Sept 22, 2014.

Still just the same five deer.  No pig lately.  No squirrels.  A big rabbit, possum, coons.  One Chucacabra.

From the 19th.

After the corn that was put down at 11:30.  They must have been across the creek.

Alert kids.  

And that's good.

Flash turned on.

Smart, experienced mom.  Probably third set of twins.  Or more.

The little bucks show up after corn is gone.

Corn reset today at 1:34, Monday, Sept 22.

David Guthery, 2014.

Wallace reports David stepped on the rainbow this morning.  We'll miss him.  A Texan and patriot.

With Grandson Jake at the Service Rifle Championship, 2014.

  One of my favorite people on any firing line.  Great face to photograph and a very thoughtful and competent competitor and outdoorsman.

Here's David in the group that got LEG points at the Service Rifle Championship at Camp Swift.  There's going to be a gap in the Distinguished Rifleman line where Guthery should have been.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Daily Deercam, Sept 19, 2014

Corn down at 11:45.  First deer in the daylight at 2:15.  A few coons.  Zero squirrels, which seems pretty odd.  No pig.

Corn pretty much gone by 3:39.

Re-set the corn at 5:19 on the 19th.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Daily Deercam, Sept 17, 2014

First possum on cam, though I edited him.  Chucacabra came by.  Otherwise I haven't seen any deer except all the deer I saw on the first day.  There is a doe and two fawns and two little bucks who are hanging out together.  No big pig today though he has been pretty reliable after midnight.  Thinking about moving a protein feeder tube that is just a few yards away over to the site.  Gotta finish sealing up the blind on the back side.

Corn down at 1:00.  By 2:20 they are on it.

Eating straight through to 7:30+

Corn gone by 7:43.  Holy smokes.

Coons sniffing around.


Always wonder what they are looking at.


Corn down today at 11:45.  I bet they are circling in right now.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Daily Deercam, Sept 15, 2014.

Skinny deer shedding their summer coats and going grey.  They are sucking up the corn, quick.  Surprised to see how ribby they are.  Plenty of just shredded fields with new growth close, plenty of open water, creek bottom, et.  Still they look undernourished.  I don't think we are over-capacity on the range unless the pigs are pushing them somehow.

I put the corn out within the hour and they are on it....

...and by 5:00 it is nearly all gone.  3/4s of a gallon.

Spike checks by to see if the corn fairy has visited.

...and checks.....

Just put another 3/4 of a gallon down at 1:00 on the 15th.  I bet some deer is on it right now.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Daily Deercam, Sept 13, Saturday, 2014.

Traffic at the cam.  Just third jug of corn out.

Rapidly fading spots and a skinny mom.

Seems like she would be in better shape but two nursing large fawns really drag her down.

Little bucks.

Nice side view.  Two years to go before he has any size and won't be a real trophy until the year after that.

Just stayed for one frame.  Seems to be full nocturnal, but must be bedding somewhere close....

Butt-checking to sort out which fawn is which.

Little buck fawn.

Swamp rabbit.

Lucy and I on cam about 30 mins after fawn above.  They are staying near.