Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Deer tracks, Turtle lures and Beaver traps

  Yesterday at the site I reset the motion cam over some fresh deer tracks.  Third time for tracks at this location.  I'm going to bait it with a little corn and get coons, mostly, but eventually a deer.  Also sunk a minnow trap, (4.99) with a pound of ground venison (29.00), into a pond to try and localize the big snappers.  Had to place the trap in shallow water so I wouldn't drown a snake.  They go in after the minnows and little fish and can't get out.
  The stream has a constant flow.  I'm sure the scent trail is all the way down into the big lake below the property by now.  Be interesting to see if they make their way up to check out the source.  My bet is: yes.
  The snake was in his regular location this morning.  He might be shedding.
  Downstream neighborhood subdivision has a beaver trapper working.  It's lethal, so pobably the end of some or most of the beavers.  Mixed emotions.  No Lake Robert it looks like.  He's going to phone my cell when he gets a hit on the traps.

Update:  No turtles.  Snake in usual place.  15 photos on the deercam of nothing.  Beaver traps still sitting.  Dam holding.  

Update II:  Day two.  Snake in place: check.  Trap still baited: check.  Not even a dang minnow stirring.


Anonymous said...

Good gravy!!!! 29.00 a pound for venison!!!!!!! Heck Filet Mignon is only 18.00 a pound!!!!

Robert said...

I'm probably underestimating what it takes to shoot a free doetag at Alans....deermeat might be as expensive as kruggerands.