Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Panola County Gun Club NRA Regional Championship

  First, Alan came up with 1K cases, then he cleaned them, then I lubed, sized and deprimed back to Alan for swaging the primer hole and trimming them.

 This weekend.  At the Panola County Gun Club the best NRA Regional Match around kicks off Friday with 4-man team matches.  I've got a good team of myself, Jeff Lin, Alan Wilson and Katye Foster.  We hope to be competitive.  Saturday is the NRA Regional 80 shot match.  Sunday is a 50-shot EIC/CMP match followed by a 30 shot PISTOL EIC/CMP match.  The EIC matches are for Distinguished Rifle and Pistol points.

  The Panola club sells out the NRA regional every year and has folks on standby.  There is probably a little room left in the EIC rifle match and plenty of room in the Pistol match.  Both of the EIC matches will be among the biggest outside the National Matches at Camp Perry.

  I'm loaded and practiced up.  In the middle of this a good friend of mine and I are working on 1000+ rounds of Infantry Trophy ammo for the National Matches.  

  Big shooting weekend.  Nice to get a rifle and just shoot and forget all this other stuff.  Going to shoot an AR Service Rifle in the rifle matches and a Les Baer .45acp Service Pistol in the Pistol LEG match.

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EmmaPeel said...

We may have to come out your way and shoot. We've got relatives in East Texas. I was born in Ft. Worth! Hubby and Dad shot the 2009 Texas State IDPA match at Collins County. I, sadly, had to work