Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Daily Deercam

  Rhynard chances by.

  Buck with shed antlers.

  Bobcat butt.

  Singing canid in the mid-morning.

  Hawk and crow.  Go figure.

  The usual suspects.  Also had a dog taking a dump on cam.  Charming.  Coons by the caseload.  Squirrels.  The coyote, fox and bobcat probably all have litters to feed.

  Single mosquito came and sang in my ear.  10 trillion in waiting.


smith kaich jones said...

I cannot tell you how happy these pictures make me!

:) Debi

Robert said...

That little, huh?

smith kaich jones said...

I'm easy.

Rabbit said...

dang, that's a sizeable bobcat. Canis latrans looks healthy, too.