Friday, April 17, 2009

Cheney, Republicans and Fox News pull strings!

  I didn't get my check from the evil racist right wing yet.  Must be in the mail, or maybe they will make a direct deposit for going to the Tyler Tea Party and posting a video.  Gotta be big bucks.  I'm thinking I will buy a new pickup, new jeans, new gun and a big dog.

  Further proof of this evil cabal was the excellent sound system at the rally, which no one could hear, forcing us to IMAGINE what the message might be.  Last night the organizer, David Hill, had his internet radio show cancel before it started when a cow sat on the transmitter or something.  This was the first show, one day after the rally....kind of important.  We got nothing.

  Powerful forces behind the scenes are manipulating us!

  Wait until frustrated homeschoolers take over this movement.

  Going to try these masters of media's OTHER show tonight at 9:00.

  Here's another show I listen to on Tuesday nights. Gun Nuts Radio. They have their webcam up, chatroom open and hosts wired on.  I tried the rifleman- a mouthpiece for the Appleseed Rifleman movement, but they talk like a car salesman.  Could just be me, of course, you might like it.
  Amazing what folks are doing on the web.  When homeschooling women take over, it's going to really ROLL!  They'll sell 100K worth of T-shirts the first rally and launch a revolution.

  Power to the people, ya'll.

Update:  Tea Party video is clearing 400 views in just this couple of days.

Update II: Several of my students reminded me of my frequent advice:  Anything worth doing is worth doing BADLY, at least at first.  They're right.

  I'm proud of David Hill, MAS and the Tea Party folks for standing up!


smith kaich jones said...

Well, I my ownself was watching the 2nd running of MSNBC's lovely Keith Olbermann show - the interview with the equally lovely Janeane Garofalo. These two have no clue. Janeane repeated quite a few times that the only folks attending Tea Parties were racist (racist! - I tell you!), and well, surely she, the all-knowing, all-seeing, must know us all better than ourselves. We are just too stupid to realize our true motivation. The great Janeane has spoken. So, in addition to being such a racist bigot & all, I am also controlled by the GOP (who would no doubt be thrilled to know they can control even those folks who are not a member of their party) and apparently Fox News, too.

Damn! I'm with you. Big bucks oughta be in the mail soon.

But back in the real world, where we all know how we got there, and why we got there, and who printed our signs (thank you to the ever-wonderful Michael), I rec'd this email from the wife of the guy standing right next to Protest Babe in the photo of her on your Tea Party post:

"Cost of Protester sign made by a friend - nothing
Distance from your car to the event - nothing
Portion of the speeches you can actually hear - nothing
Seeing your husband as an Extremist Radical Right Wing protester - priceless"
Can't wait for those checks.

smith kaich jones said...

The "Can't wait for those checks" is NOT a part of her email - it's my comment. I forgot to proof read. Being so stupid & all.


Random York said...

You have to give Karl Rove your e-mail so he can PayPal you the money... I got mine already. I'm going to take it to Cuba and buy a new 1953 Chevrolet!