Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hot loads.

  Cranking up the old ammo factory for some practice .45acp loads.....after the first 12, just enough to work out the cobwebs, I noticed that the cobwebs were getting 9.5 grains of Titegroup under a 230 FMJ instead of 4.5 grains.  
  We're talking sonic 230s here.  HOT loads.  I moved the scale balance weight over a click to the right notch.  Can't unbuild these.  Crimped.  Sure is pretty ammo.  I go through 12 rounds in just a couple of strings shooting bullseye, but one of these suckers might be a gun-buster.
  Maybe I could mail these to Somalia, care of "Pirate Abdul Mustapha."  He probably packs a Sig 220 or knows someone who does.

  Back to the drawing board.  And into the deep trash, or somewhere good, with these.

Update:  Inertia bullet puller.  Sheesh.  Took some beating and whacking but I got them apart.  The slugs are marked up but not so marked up they can't be reloaded.  Powder back in the trickler.  Probably could use the primed cases.

Update II: Rebuilt.  Everything case gauged, so....a-shooting we will go.

Update III: Picked up my brass plus a case from a Jap 7.7.  Who was shooting that monster?  Put the case in with 10 rounds of 7.7 I have.  Who knows?

Update IV: Showed the case to Gentry, WWII Pacific vet.  He used to swim in and mark beaches for invasions.  Asked him when the last time someone shot one of those at him.  1945, he thinks.


the pistolero said...

Yikes. I don't think even my Ruger P90 could handle those.

OrangeNeckInNY said...

Take the bad rounds to the range and use them as rifle targets out at 100 yds or so.

Robert said...

Could have shot pirates myself with them at 25-30 yards.

Anonymous said...

Use an inertia or collet bullet puller pull and reuse those components. In the meantime paint their bottoms red with a marker and dont use them. Bring em over and I'll do it for you.

Robert said...

You think these things can be beaten out? They aren't crimped to the extreme but they are crimped.

Pirate ammo!

Tim Covington said...

I've used an inertia bullet puller on crimped rounds. You just have to be extremely forceful.

Jerry said...

I have disassembled plenty of ammo with strong crimps, both roll and taper, using an inertia puller.

It might take 5 or 6 good whacks against the grain end of a 4x4 post to do the job.

Anonymous said...

I dont think we could, I know we can! IF (and that is unlikely) the inertia puller doesnt do the trick I have a collet puller that screws into the RCBS Big Max press that will pull the bullet out kicking and screaming. I've used it before to pull M852 bullets just to look at them and they were sealed in with tar!

Anonymous said...

You know, if you have one of those inertia bullet pullers, you could put the loaded round back into the bullet seater die and push the bullet down deeper into the case and then try and use the inertia puller on it. That usually works. Otherwise bring it over and I'll snatch it outta there so fast you wont even know it was stuck.

Robert said...

Inertia seems like an odd term for something you are going to beat and whack with. Worked though. Everything rebuilt.

I guess I had disassembled some Mauser rounds and Soviet stuff to see what was in it.