Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ten-Thing Sunday

  We ate, read the paper, shopped.  I retrieved a couple of items from Mary Burton's estate.  The bigger deal was firing up the mower and having at the side yard.  The first cut of the year here.  April.  End of the wildflowers and local Azalea trails.  An event like the Vernal Snakequinox or the swallows coming back to Capistrano.  Tough to understand why we waste the valuable precious natural resources in the pursuit of something that will have to be done again in a couple of weeks.   I'm talking about my time, energy and attention, not the mower gas.
  Grass growing reminds you of the relentless dam-building of the beavers.  You just can't talk them out of it.
  Makes the robins happy.  They are hunting bugs before I complete the first couple of quick swaths.

  I'd rather be reloading or sneaking up on a snake or a southern.

Update:  Mowing, pay bills, tighten gas system on Garand, computer work for jobs....well, SEEMED like ten things.  Also reloaded a little, washed clothes and dishes and read a book.  So there.


Old NFO said...

Trade ya- I spent 16 hours today getting to Yokosuka, JA... sigh...

Anonymous said...

If you parole officer ever finds out what you are up to, there is going to be big trouble.

Len said...

Great new picture in your "profile".