Sunday, April 19, 2009

Patriots Day

  A possum, living wild and free in the TMA woods.  No taxes, free speech, no regulations, freedom of religion, home schooling.
  Of course he IS a possum.

  Today is the traditional date of the celebration of local hooligans refusing to disperse and instead shooting up the civil authorities at Lexington and Concord when they tried to seize the local armories and create a New England gun-free environment.  It's also the date that duly appointed and commissioned civil authorities fired several hundred cannisters of CS gas into a building as they wrecked the structure with tanks.   It filled with poison gases and burned.  The  civil authorities assured everyone that the deaths of 80 or so people inside was not their fault and a Federal court and investigation fully agreed.  
  It's also the date of a madman destroying a public building and killing many innocent people in Oklahoma.
  April 21st is the date that rebellious hooligans attacked civil authorities who were trying to re-establish order near Buffalo Bayou in Houston.
  Just to be safe, we should outlaw April or cut the length to 15 days, just enough time to do our patriotic duty, don't you think?


catfish said...

bunch of right wing extremists if I ever saw one

Lord MegaDong said...

When the Current Administration gets done we'll all have about as much as that possum too!