Thursday, April 16, 2009

Revolution of the Pitiful.

  I think a lot of people are waking up this morning after yesterday's protest and thinking: "It's not just me."

  I've been a hardhead about government intrusion, waste and idiocy for a while now and yesterday I saw several thousand of my fellow Tylerites who were willing to come together for a few minutes to say the same thing.  This morning I got up and fired up my pitiful free blog and looked at the hit counter on the pitiful free video I put up and thought to myself, " I'm right about this.  The only threat to my personal freedom isn't seagoing Somalis or some AK waving lunatic mussleman, it's this idiotic bovine by-product of a bureacracy, JUST LIKE I THOUGHT."

  And of course, it ain't just the Fed's.  Like my Senator Eltife says, its the Appraisal district, the courts, the county, the city, the state, all of it.  Six pieces of paper to ride down the highway?  One out of ten Texans has an outstanding arrest warrant?  More people in jail than any time in history?  40% of my paycheck?

  So except for Governor Perry yesterday, WHERE WERE THEY?  The elected folks?  The folks who say they wanted office to make things better?  And the public employees who work for on the public payroll?  And the folks who say they protect and serve?  We didn't see a ONE.

  The press?  They better get their act together.  

  And where is the President who said he was going to bring hope and change?

  This isn't over.  And the hardheads are RIGHT.

Update:  Next stop, Independence Day, July 4.  Until then put your sign in your yard.

Update IV:  I think everyone who was there will be proud to have stood up first as this movement finds it's voice and message.  I am.


STxRynn said...

Noticed the same thing! We started with the pledge, and a prayer. Looked hard for ANY police, or politicians. No shows....

It's high time to fire the lot, and start again. Good show in Tyler. We had several hundred in Floresville.

Take care...

Jerry said...

Hmmm, things must be different in Albuquerque.

The police officers who drove by gave friendly waves, there were firemen in uniform at the protest, the organizers had to tell the politicians that they couldn't speak, but that they could participate by carrying signs, and I know of quite a few state, county, and city workers who were in attendance.

We had somewhere between 3,000 and 10,000 (estimates vary, I would guess it was on the higher side) of people of all ages, all races and nationalities, and all political parties. This was no fringe movement (as some ACORN organizers tried to portray), but was an honest cross section of New Mexico.

I hope that the energy continues, even to the point of making a difference.

shannon said...

you should check out

a little insight from Winnsboro.

Old NFO said...

It's true! And thanks for the coverage! The MSM does not want to cover this, because that puts them counter to their love affair with the Lightbringer...