Friday, April 24, 2009

Gun Nuts Radio and how to make the fastest hour on the internet...BETTER!

  Ok then.

  We got the internet radio show at no cost.  Check.

  We got the young and dynamic hosts, one of each sex:  Check.

  We got callers-in of reasonable intelligence:  Check.

  We got a cool chat room where folks mix and yack along and the hosts take cues:  Check.

  We got the interesting and the informative guests:  Check.

  So, what's missing?  Besides giving the show the time to build audience and reputation as it undoubtedly will.

  We got WEBCAM issues.  Not webcam fail, but a situation we need to get up to speed.

  So lets look:  We got the Breda.  We got the Caleb.  Young, hip, smart, cute, hair.  Perfect folks for this application.  But the background?  What do we have?  Zilch.  Nix.  Nada.  Caleb sits in front of a closet.  Breda sits in front of a fireplace.  Santa doesn't show and Barney Frank won't come out.  People, people, PEOPLE.  We need a little set work.  Can we talk?

  1.  Both hosts looking UP at the webcams.  No good.  Psychologically VERY weak.  Boost those chairs a bit or boost the computer and do the show standing.  Turn the cam so we can see a framed scene with you in it.  Point it somewhere else that is good, better, interesting, then place yourself in THAT set.

  2.  Lighting.  The webcams are lit by the computer screen.  Add a little side lighting and DROP the background lighting until it's more dramatic.  We don't want it black, because we want to SEE things in the background.  

 3.  Yeah.  This is the problem.  The background.  Anyone got a Gadsten Flag?  A Minuteman Statue?  A stack of gun books or a movie poster from the Wild Bunch?  Can you give us something here?   Moosehead?  Reloading bench?  Suit of armor?  Shot up target?

  4.  Action.  We gotta have action.  What's the name of this show again?  Gun.....Nuts?  Anyone seen a gun?  Anyone seen a nut?  Our hosts drink, and Caleb switched hats a few times but we need some rifles stacked in the background.  GUNS! dang it!  Lean a Garand where we can see it.  Stand an AR on it's nose.   And wave a pistol now and then to make a point.  Dry fire.  Rack some slides.  Wear a shoulder holster.  Get a little nerf or airsoft action going on those cats!  BE the nut.  WITH the gun.

  5.  The Nuts.  Mike is going to have to assist in the background cat dancing at Breda's, and Breda is going to have to GET DOWN a little more, even if we have to send her the Napolean Dynamite dance tape.  Maybe its the chair.  Get rid of it when the music kicks in.  Caleb is going to have to break out some martial arts moves and call his girlfriend to stand in the background and pass beers or just rub his neck.  We need some domestic support here.  About six times per show EACH you need to have someone on the screen with you.

  Speaking of support....has anyone heard one gunshot on the show?  No.  What's up with that, you callers?  Let's bust a few caps on the air!

  Caleb.  Drop the drinking and smoke a pipe.
  Breda:  Three words:  Mike.  Cat.  Juggling.

  I'm sure there are more and better ideas.  You guys are good enough to be on TV....if we realize how important the webcam visuals are.

  Gun Nuts Radio on Blogtalk, Tuesday nights at 8:00 Central.  Check Breda or Caleb for a link and be there or be a four-sided equilateral.

Update:  Only flaw in this list of ideas is the primary one...all of them involve OTHER people taking action, not me.  Dangerous to be full of good ideas that OTHER people ought to do.

  I blame George Bush.



Old NFO said...

hehehe- You owe me a new keyboard... Mike cat juggling??? Oh man...

Tam said...

This post is made of win!