Thursday, April 23, 2009

Daily Deercam

  Time to shoot some coons.

  Raccoons moving through space and time.

  Ghost coons?  Angel coons?  Lost, wandering coon spirits?

  Transporting?  If Raccoons can do this, what about Bigfoot?
  The double cam check today.  Snake was missing from his root ball on the TMA creek, but left a beautiful complete skin.  Which I promptly teased loose and stole.  Minnows and crawfish in the trap.  Beavers.....gone.  The dam is sitting unrepaired and the creek flowing much as it did before they showed up.  No Lake Robert.
  300 photos on the cam, all coons and squirrels.  Spotted one small Southern Snapper in the side-creek.  It's the fourth distinct turtle of that species in this little stretch of creek.
  I miss the beavers.  They had an admirable work ethic.
  At the lake cams, no deer on either, just crows and coons.  Poison Ivy getting deep.  I don't like it.  Deertracks several places especially one that had slid in the mud crossing the big creek, but nothing on cam.  Recorned everywhere.
  Great Blue Heron rookery is clacking and clicking away.  Always an uproar.  The chicks make a sound like frogs, but up in the treetops.  You can smell it from 300 yards out.
  All the Moultrie cams spotting and shooting well.

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