Friday, April 3, 2009

Doesn't LOOK like much...

  But that shadow along the edge of the pool is a submerged Southern Snapping Turtle.

  That matte grey snake is a Water Moccasin that needs to shed.

  This fresh new leafing plant is Poison Ivy.

  And this writhing Raccoon has distemper.

  I spotted the turtle while looking for turtles.  The snake was in his same spot.  (Three times now.)  He left and was back in place after animal control came and went with the coon.  Poison Ivy is leafing out all over.

  It's hard out there.  It is also about ten minutes until the mosquitos start hatching and drive everyone nuts in that particular tangle.

  Animal Control sent the same folks who grabbed the previous coon.  They said he died that night of distemper.

  I cut the dam again.  The beavers are running out of dredge material  It has to come from the bottom of the lagoon and upstream.  Sooner or later I've got to let it go and become Lake Robert but lots of fun to pull the plug. 

  Going to add a minnow trap and catch some little fish to photograph.  Might throw in a frozen chunk of ground venison and see if I get a pool-full of Southern Snappers.  Just might.


Anonymous said...

You know when you think it's your inner photographer saying "get a shot of this water moccasin" it is really your inner marksman saying "get a shot at this water moccasin".

And you still need bigger, taller boots!

Robert said...

Seems that way. I do notice that the turtles, beavers and snakes all seem to survive the poison ivy and mosquitos, so it's POSSIBLE to live through this environment.
As long as he will hang out on the same root ball....I'm happy. I just want to see the rest of them as well. I'm still missing lots.

Anonymous said...

Forget the beavers and the turtles I want to know who the heck was stupid enough to hold that water moccassins head down with a stick !