Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Texans waking up to the mess they have made.

  The legislature including the governor gives lip service in opposition to the growing power and reach of Washington.  I don't particularly trust or depend on it, but it's worth noting.  Montana and other states have done the same thing.

  Leo Berman is the Texas State Representative from my district to Austin.  He's always good on gun rights, though hardheaded about enhancing penalties, empowering police, filling prisons, et, et.  In the coffeeshop he is widely derided by the democrat plaintiff lawyers as a dunce, simpleton and fool, and his election by the district as proof of the dunceness, simpleness and foolishness of the citizenry here.

  Hard to argue.  99% of everything is stupid, these days.

Update:  Wish I could find that old poster on the internet.  A local camera store, Christian's, had it in the back room.  It was a grinning chimpanzee in overalls with a mug of beer in each hand and foot with the caption: "99% of everything is Stupid."

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Old NFO said...

Agreed! I want my country back!

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