Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hefner's Tatt

I've only seen this done twice before, once on a man'a arm on Commercial Row at Camp Perry and one as a National Match walking around calf tatt. Clay says he might add a few more for President's 100 as they stack up.
I thought about getting the wind-drift chart for 69 Sierras on the back of my right hand but that's about it.

Here's me today. It didn't rain on us but was pretty muddy in spots. Wore my rubber boots the whole time. 486X13 with my match rifle.

Katye Foster with her new friend, the Robertson's Chihuahua "Smokey".

After we shot we had lunch at the excreteable Jalapeno Tree in Carthage, then went to the gunshow out on the loop. The gunshow featured a National Ordnance 1903, a sporterized SVT, TWO tanker Garands, 10 Nylon 66s and a shorty Beretta magazine-fed Garand derivative. I was expecting a LeMat next!

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