Wednesday, February 8, 2012

600 yard groups with Berger Bullets.

600 yard plot sheet with AR15 Match rifle and Berger 80.5 Palma bullets. Not much wind, just a little drift now and then. Varget and CCI450 Magnum primers. Very irritating to shoot the last shot, #20, outside the 10-ring at 3:00 to finish the string.

Same rifle the month before. Might be a little more wind but not much. 82 grain Bergers and Varget. CCI450 Magnum primers.

Prone with a sling at Panola County Gun Club in Carthage, Texas.

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Anonymous said...

Nice shooting. Jumping or seated into the lands? Who knew there was a .223 Palma bullet. Palma distances are 800, 900 and 1,000 yards.