Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dog vs Gun

So the city thugs have my dog locked up until Monday. I don't say "thugs" lightly- they didn't interview us, respect due process, give information, nada. They just showed up with an order to quarantine the dog for a week. They would do it- taking Lucy to another county, or we could do it at our expense. If we DIDN'T do it, they would kill her. We couldn't see the police report of her biting someone or know who filed it. They wanted to write a citation as well but had no clue what the range of fines might be. They even insulted the Municipal Court by saying the judge could raise or lower the fine depending on how "co-operative" you were.
"Thugs" sounds about right.

So Lucy is locked up for a week. They don't even think she is dangerous. I can visit her without gloves, mask, protective clothing, et.

Lucy provided tripwire and alarm-level security from the couch at Katie's Pilates studio for day and evening classes. Police say barking dogs are a MAJOR crime deterrant. So here's the question: How much gun should it take to replace a 14lb Jack Russell? Are we talking pistols in major or minor caliber? Shotguns? AR15 w/30round mag and suppressor?


Anonymous said...

I think you need an attorney.

David said...

I agree with Anon. Something smells pretty rotten. They let you choose between letting them put Lucy down or taking her away, all on the complaint of someone, yet you were not allowed to know anything about the alleged incident?! It does not sound like America to me.

d smith kaich jones said...

anonymous & david - that's how it works here. i went through the same thing in 2010. my mom's cat bit her, no one else. having a compromised immune system, my mom went to a local clinic to get an antibiotic prescription, just to play it safe. the dr. called animal control, and they were there in minutes. refused in-home quarantine. cost my mom $350.
either that or the cat would be put down.

Old NFO said...

Something IS screwy here... Agree with the above!