Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I'm squadded with a bunch from Minnesota all around my firing point so we get to talking. I ask them if they know James Pennington and point him out in his cowboy hat down the line. They were like: "Oh yeah, we know him. Showed up to one of our LEG matches in an old truck, cowboy hat, pucca shell necklace, borrowed rifle. He has a card taped to the back of his shooting coat that says, "X-Man." We are wondering what circus was missing their clown."
They all stood there for a second, looking down. Finally one of them volunteered: "Then he kicked all our asses."

James finished his Distinguished rifleman's badge today and I got to watch. He was on 71 and I was on 79 on Rodriegez Range at Camp Perry. 1117 folks were firing the match so both ranges were full. 870 plus were non-Distinguished. James shot a 92X1 standing at 200 and a 98X4 sitting. He shot a nice group at 300 rapid and finished with a 196X6 at 600, good for 10 LEG points to finish his badge. He was 42nd overall out of the thousand plus and 3rd overall out of the non-Distinguised. Nice day shooting at the range. 486X17 for James. 485X11 for me. Both in the Gold Medals.

Distinguished badge is a really big deal. I took my hatpin off my cap and presented it to him on the SPOT. Good job and congrats!

The X-Man kicks 1000 peoples butts.

James Pennington.

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Old NFO said...

Very nice, and congrats to James!